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Supporting Your Recovery from Opioid and Drug Addictions

The CTC Approach

We offer addictions care to anyone who has, or thinks they have a problem with drugs or alcohol.

We are a Toronto-based clinic with an interdisciplinary team that takes a comprehensive approach to addictions treatment.

We examine the various aspects of addiction, offering services to address all of its complexities. This includes various forms of therapy, counselling and medication treatment, including methadone and suboxone.

Why choose Us.

We believe that medication is only one part of a patient's recovery and should be used in the lowest dose and for the shortest amount of time necessary.

Our Mission.

To become an integral part of a healthy East Toronto community where freedom from addiction, the recovery of lives, and the realization of dreams is available to all.

What we Do.

To provide quality care for people struggling with addiction, assisting them to live physically, emotionally and spiritually fulfilling lives.

Our Values

Courage to ask for help and to do whatever it takes.

Honesty to engage in open communication to address all topics.

Respect for people struggling with the disease of addiction.

Trust required to develop a care plan together.

Faith that you can recover your life.

We will look at all aspects of your addiction, examine the root causes and treat them in many different ways — not simply by giving you methadone forever.

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